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End of the line, darling

This journal is Friends Only.

Please comment to be added.

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I'm on your friendlist right?

Yes, you are. :)

Hey I am from Childfree and was wondering if we could add each other. :) I'll tell you more about myself if you like, since my info page is not done.

Yeah! I remember you. You have the cute doggie. I took a peek at your user info, and we have quite a few things in common, not to mention you seem really cool. I've friended you back. :)

peter paige is hot add me

hi, i found you on childfree. nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you!

Welcome to my friends list and enjoy your stay! :)

Add me

Add me and Make me Smile^_^

i wanna be your friend

i was wondering, do you go to thompson junior high?

No. I did, but I graduated in 2000.

I added you, thanks for commenting!

I didn't think my original message I posted on here got through, since LJ was acting up when I sent it. That's the only reason it got deleted. :-)

Oh, that makes sense! You've been re-added now. :)

i saw your icon ,,i fell in love with it ,,and then i decided to add you sinse we seem to have a few things incommon.
add me back?

Added. :) And thank you! I like your icon, too.

Your journal entries look a lot like mine, as in very Sean-centric. I have a feeling most of the lovely folks on my friends list are like, Okay, Jenn, Sean's fine, but shut up about him already!" so this could be fun.

hi, this is dedgrotty having to create a second LJ to avoid a psycho..can you add ded_grotty to your f-list?

i love you!

I wanna be your friend!! I got a new LJ...maybe I'll keep up with this one huh? We'll see.

Re: i love you!

Does this mean I can delete my Myspace now?

I was like...who is this freak and why do they love me, then I realized it was you! Anyway, welcome back to Jenni Land.

Re: i love you!

woo! haha..don't delete your myspace whore!!