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Another Reappearing Act

If you have Twitter, I need more followers/people to follow. 


If you don't have Twitter, get one. : )


Added you! I'm "elektronegativ." :-)

I know you never seem to be on livejournal but I thought I would say hello.
I've missed seeing your around and I hope you're doing well. How is the writing going?

Hi! Thank you! Oddly, I thought that I should pop in and say hello the other day, but I came home from work dead on my feet.

I'm doing great and I hope you are, too. :)

The writing's going well, though nothing's quite finished yet. I'm beginning to collaborate with a friend, but am quickly finding out collaboration isn't so easy, haha.

I'm in the process of revamping my blog a bit and making it more of a personal journal but with the retro feel. I just got around to finishing an entry I've had in my queue for ages.

www.jennigolightly.blogspot.com - same blog, new name! I'm going to work on updating more often.

You should become a Twitter addict like me, then we'd always be in touch, haha.

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